small-business-owner-pfLet's face it, owning your own business is a challenge! Taxes can be complicated and can take away valuable time you need to run your business. Maybe it's time to seek the help of a tax professional.

Don't Stress!

AVL Tax Professionals is here to help! 

Please Note: We are no longer able to assist new clients with Corporation or Partnership Tax Returns. 

Please call the office to check our availability for business clients classified as a sole proprietor filing Schedule C on their personal tax return.  



Have you been asking questions like:

  • How Do I Pay Myself A Salary?
  • What Forms Do I Need To File & When Are My Taxes Due?
  • What Is An LLC, Should I Form One?
  • Does My Business Pay Taxes Or Do I Pay Them?
  • How Do I Keep Track Of My Income & Expenses?
  • Are The People Helping Me In My Business Employees Or Sub-Contractors?
  • Do I need To Pay North Carolina Sales Tax?

Whether you’re an experienced business owner or just starting a business, we understand your tax and accounting needs and are here to help!

Services for New or Expereinced Business Owners:

  • We offer Small Business Consultation including business start up advice. 
  • We'll help you understand who is an employee and who is a freelance contractor in your business

Don't go it alone. Call us today for a consulation!