We sincerely hope this finds you well and healthy. As we move further into the "Digital Age" we are making sure you have all the options you need!
  • Digital Options Using our secure client portal, we can safely exchange tax documents, provide a digital copy of your tax return, and obtain e-signatures and payment for our preparation fee. Click the Secure Client Portal button to access the portal:




  • Mailing Options If you prefer to send us your physical documents, you can mail them to us or place them in the locked drop box outside our front door. We will return your completed returns via USPS Priority Mail, which includes a tracking code.
  • Returning Client Worksheet We are asking all clients to complete this simple, one page worksheet. Please return it to us with your tax documents.




  • Payment Options We accept cash, check, or credit. If you prefer to pay via credit card, we can bill you through our secure portal, or you can pay our fee on our website
 We appreciate your business and look forward to communicating with you again!



Jim, Jody, & Katie