We sincerely hope this finds you well and healthy. It appears we will once again have to deal with COVID-19 during this upcoming tax season. We want you to know that we are open and ready to begin preparing and filing your 2020 tax returns!
To that end, we will continue to put policies and procedures in place to keep our clients and staff safe and healthy. 

Policies and Procedures?

  • E-Filing Delayed Due to last-minute tax changes, IRS has delayed the start of e-filing until February 12th. We can go ahead and prepare your tax returns and hold them until e-filing begins.
  • Limited Exposure We are trying to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible by limiting the time we spend with clients, as well as limiting the number of clients in the office at any given time. We are preparing returns via drop off only. If you want to drop off your info in person, just call and schedule a quick 5-10-minute appointment.
  • Digital Options Using our secure client portal, we can safely exchange tax documents, provide a digital copy of your tax return, and obtain e-signatures and payment for our preparation fee. Click the Secure Client Portal button to access the portal:




  • Mailing Options If you prefer to send us your physical documents, you can mail them to us or place them in the locked drop box outside our front door. We will return your completed returns via USPS Priority Mail, which includes a tracking code. 
  • Returning Client Worksheet We are asking all clients to complete this simple, one page worksheet. Please return it to us with your tax documents.




  • Payment Options We accept cash, check, or credit. If you prefer to pay via credit card, we can bill you through our secure portal, or you can pay our fee on our website. 

Cares Act and latest Stimulus Bill

  • Stimulus Payment #1 (Received in 2020) & Stimulus Payment #2 (Received in 2021). We will need these amounts for your 2020 tax return. The Stimulus payments are not taxable but must be reconciled on your tax return.
  • Charitable Contributions  If you use the standard deduction, you can still deduct $300 in cash donations to a qualified charity.
  • Unemployment Compensation  New for many people for 2020, unemployment compensation is taxable. You will receive Form 1099-G via mail, or you can log into your account to retrieve it.
We appreciate your business and look forward to communicating with you again!

Jim, Jody, & Katie